Woodland Shores Weekly Update for October 23-29, 2017

Your Weekly Update on what is happening at WSBC

Your Weekly Update on what is happening at WSBC

Woodland Shores Family,

Even with all the rain we’ve had this past week, our excitement for Fall Fest is not dampened! We are still praying for God to bring hundreds of people from around our area to this event. More than that, we are praying for our church family to make meaningful connections to our friends and neighbors who attend. Did you run out of invites? Don’t worry! You can always share this with your friends on Facebook. Click here to go to our Facebook page and share the online invitation!

Since we’re asking people to check-in on Facebook each week, we want to make sure that you feel safe doing that. So, when you check in, make sure that you aren’t sharing your location with the whole world by selecting your audience. It’s easy to do. On your Facebook page, just click on the icon, like in the picture (below), and select who you want to invite. Publishing to the “public” setting will send out your status to the world. If you don’t want people you don’t trust to know where you are, simply select the "friends" option in the drop-down box. If you don’t trust all your friends, then you can be selective of who gets to see your check-in or share invites. Share safely and share often! Your friends need Jesus and WSBC is a great place to get to know Him!

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