Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

Sunday Groups

Adult Bible Fellowships are about Bible study in a context of friendships or community with care and mission built in. We really like them, and encourage Woodland Shores people to be in one either at the church on Sundays or in Home ABFs.

This is not only the best way to be a part of discussion and application of the verses studied or of the sermon that Sunday, but it is also a great way to make good friends.

Each ABF has a leader or leader couple and a care captain who helps with being sure personal needs are met, and a mission captain who helps the ABF people latch onto one of our missionaries and a way to serve here and with area ministries.

ABFs are used in thousands of churches in America, and we really like them. 

Try several and then you will want to be a regular at one of them! Joy and love and truth and service to others all meet at ABFs.