By God’s enabling Spirit we seek at all times to glorify the true and living God – eternal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – by helping as many as possible to become fully-devoted, lifelong followers of Christ.


Woodland Shores has adopted the Statement of Faith of the North American Baptist Conference of Churches, which you may read HERE.


Baptism is one of the first important steps after we put our faith in Christ. We schedule celebrations of baptism during our Sunday worship services throughout the year. Contact the church office if you are interested.

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Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
— Matthew 28.19, New Living Translation


Ever heard someone say, “Why should I join a local church anyway? After all, it makes no difference. I can still go to church and participate in most activities without feeling tied down or committed.”

Indeed, the term “church membership” is not a Bible term. However, the concept is biblical.  

Reasons for committing to membership at Woodland Shores:

1. Identification with God’s people. God’s people are clearly identified throughout the New Testament – e.g., “the church in Ephesus…in Corinth…in Philippi… the church that meets in your house” – and in subsequent cultures and times right up to our day.  Though common in America, the idea of an “independent Christian” is alien to scripture.  Membership identifies us with God’s people in a specific location.

Church membership identifies our Christian family and strengthens believers as each individual exercises their unique roles and gifts.

2. Sense of belonging. Joining a group or organization heightens the sense of belonging.  Membership means that it is no longer “their” church but “our” church. We live in an age where few people commit to anything: job… marriage… friendship… country….  This attitude has produced “consumer religion.”  Becoming a church member is counter-cultural.  It is an unselfish commitment that builds character.

3. Increased effectiveness. Just as logs joined together burn brighter than independent logs, so Christians joined together can accomplish much more than as individuals. 

4. Show you can be counted on. Every team has a roster, every school an enrollment, every business a payroll, and every army an enlistment. Even our country takes a census and requires voter registration. Church membership identifies our Christian family and strengthens believers as each individual exercises their unique roles and gifts.

5. Accountability. The New Testament emphasizes the need for Christians to be accountable to one another for spiritual growth. Membership in a church family can help. 

6. Help us to comply with legal requirements.  State law requires churches, as non-profit organizations, to keep some kind of membership.

For additional support of church membership, please see “Why bother with church membership?” as presented by Pastor Kevin DeYoung at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan.  You may read his good case for church membership here.

Come and learn more about our beliefs, vision, excitement, and why we do the things we do at the next “Welcome to the Team” Seminar.


You may read our Church Constitution HERE.